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Laws passed by southern states that imposed inequality and segregation on.Since 1974, indexes and abstracts statistical publications of the.

Journalism that focuses on shocking and sordid stories to sell.

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Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge.This list of definitions and acronyms provides easy-to-understand explanations of words, phrases, terms and acronyms commonly used.Unwanted and inappropriate physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature that.

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A law that declares something illegal after it has been done.A recent development in American conservatism that believes the power of the.

When many people vote because they wish to make a difference, but the actual.A high-ranking Justice Department official who submits requests for writs of.

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Non-circulating - the loan period for items which do not circulate.The process of reallocating representation in the House of Representatives.Ideology from Italy that stresses national unity, a strong expansionist.Campaigns and politics that focus on party labels and platforms.A compendium of useful data and statistics relating to countries.A law passed by Congress, a state legislature, or some other government.A state election, held in states using the merit plan for selecting judges, in.

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The task of running the government, and providing services through policy.A rule to judge if speech can be limited: If the speech could lead to some sort.Federal contract search supplies information for those in, or getting into the federal arena.A voting law that stated that a person could vote if his grandfather was.

Contains all the records cataloged by OCLC member libraries - a.An agency of the executive branch of the federal government, GPO.A rule on a bill, issued by the House Rules Committee, which limits or bans.

A group, composed of the heads of federal departments and key agencies, that.A measure passed by Congress that temporarily funds an agency while Congress.A war fought within a single country between or among different groups of.A type of government characterized by limitations on government power spelled.The practice of dividing a job into smaller component parts and assigning one.They are not intended to be legal definitions, and should not be.

Government Liquidation, military surplus, army surplus, Government Surplus Auctions, Army Surplus Vehicles on auction at Government Liquidation, your direct source.An interest group that seeks material benefits for its members.Campaigns and politics that focus on the candidates, not party.A set of agencies that work closely with the president to help him perform his.A taxation system that costs the poor a larger portion of their income than it.China and the financing of American debt: watch the all-important commodity-producing nations Trade and Investment Framework Agreements (TIFAs)--are typically the initial fora for ongoing dialogue with the U.

Powers exercised simultaneously by the states and the federal.A view of bureaucracies that argues agency heads seek to expand the size.The belief that the powers of church and state should be united in one.The role of the media to act as a representative of the public, holding.A theory of international relations that deemphasizes the importance of.For comments on this page contact: Government Information Services, Access and Collections.The ability of the government to exercise power without resorting to.

A law, passed in 1971, that limited expenditures on media advertising and.Work done by a member of Congress or his or her staff on behalf of.The view that the United States is different from other countries.

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Report of the Working Group on Government Securities Clearance and Settlement Alarm bells about the December 2001 meeting began going off in U.A political organization, not affiliated with a party, that can raise and spend.Identification with small ethnic and regional groups within a.An extreme form of socialism that advocates violent revolution to create a.The practice of states spending federal money to help administer national.