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Hi ThereI need help writing the 2nd part of my paper on supply and demands and price elasticity of demand on my. this video on the determinants of supply,.Explain why time is an important determinant of price elasticity of supply. Price Elasticity of Demand: Cross Price Elasticity of Demand.

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When consumers react strongly to an increase in prices, the total revenue will move in the opposite direction of the price changes and vice versa.In short term, due to deficient availability of time to organize and adjusts the supply to demand, so supply is more tends to inelastic.A decrease in demand it is shown a shift of the demand curve will shift to the left.

Nature of Commodity: The elasticity of demand also depends on the nature of the commodity.Increase in the number of sellers means that there have many firms are entry into the market, and the market do not have shortage in supply and the quantity supplied in the market will be larger.

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The total revenue will not be changed in unitary elastic this is because the percentage change in price is equal to the percentage change in quantity demanded.

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If the lower the price of substitute goods, the lower will be the demand for this good as people switch from the substitute.Such as, if the commodity is used for a single purpose, then the change in the price will affect the demand for commodity only in that use, and thus the demand for that commodity is said to be inelastic.Thus, these are some of the important determinants of elasticity of demand that every firm should understand properly before deciding on the price of their offerings.The degree of positive income elastic of demand is a luxury good.

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The determinants of price elasticity of supply include time.

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But however, if the prices are increased the consumption reduces and as a result demand falls.In the market place, more inferior goods will be produced and can be sold at minimum price.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.The frontier between the shaded and unshaped area is called production possibilities frontier, because it separated the combinations that are attainable from those that are not.Such as when the price falls the demand increases and vice-versa.The price floors are to protect producers and to ensure a price for their daily necessities that is above the equilibrium values and those huge surpluses more easily to accumulate.

For example, the price of petrol is RM 2.00 per litre, and the total revenue of 20 litres is RM40.00. So, when the price increases to RM 2.50 per litre, the quantity demanded of petrol will fall to 18 litres.The determinants of demand can be remembered in the acronym TRIBE. as in T.If the higher the price of complementary goods, the fewer of them will be bought, hence the less will be the demand for this good.

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For instance, if the price of Computer increases, the demand for computer will fall and demand for diskette will also decrease as both used.

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The price and total revenue in demand inelastic will move in same direction and will not the opposite direction.If the demand more tends to unitary elastic, the changes of the price no matter is increase or decrease, it definitely will not affected the total revenue.In the production possibilities graph, the horizontal axis show the quantity of computer produced by the economy and the vertical axis shows the quantity of television produced.

The three reasons why supply of a product increases are resource prices, technology, and number of sellers in the market.Price Elasticity Price Elasticity Ranges Elasticity and Total Revenues Determinants of the Price Elasticity of Demand Cross Price Elasticity of.

Elasticity: The Responsiveness of Demand and. is the most important determinant of the price elasticity of demand.UKEssays Essays Economics The Two Determinants Of Price Elasticity Of Supply.The unattainable combinations are shown by the unshaped area outside the frontier.For examples:gold, jewelry, antique furniture and luxury car such as BMW, Mercedes and others.Such as, tea and coffee are close substitutes and if the price of tea increases, then people will switch to the coffee and demand for the tea will decrease significantly.For primary goods, it is remaining the longest inelastic, because primary goods are hard to expand and increase its production speedily.

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See also Price elasticity of demand Supply and demand Marginal demand in economics is the change in demand for a.The improvement of technology enables producers to use the fewer resources to lower the cost of production and increase the supply.For example, if the number of the food corner in the shopping mall increase, the supply of food and drink will be increase.