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I ordered, on line, an expensive Eileen Fisher top during the Friends and Family sale.Bloomingdales Credit customer service phone number for support and help.I then called them afterwards to complain about my card being denied in front of other customers, when I had called and given my new address previously.

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I recently moved and had called to update my address with them.

The rep was so irresponsible, she inexplicably issued a call tag to the shipper, after all the packages were in the mail, ordering them all back to the warehouse.Bloomindales online shopping experience is so bad.I placed an order of 4 kiehls facial cream and other stuff. but when i get the box, there was no one cream in box.So horrible.Shannon Smith, Evan Vandenberg, Hamilton, Townsend, Ontario (9) scammers, drug dealers, prostitution 10.As for another order in the same shipement - I had ordered a pimento color but was totally disappointed to find that they had sent me the sage combo instead.I took my mother on the wheel chair and went to Bloomingdale at the White Flint Mall in Bethesda, MD on Jan15, 2010.

Call Customer Service: 1-800-777-0000 1-800-777-0000. Store Events.Please select one of the topics below so we can direct you to the right customer service resource.If you already have a account, sign in to find your order and start your return process.What was worse was that for a long time there was no response to my queries ands when they finally did respond it hardly even qualified to be an apology.Their customer service is absolutely and positively atrocious.

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However, the 15% for opening the account will not show up until my first account statement--which would arrive somewhere in Feb.We called and were told rudely that it was shipped back to their warehouse.

The woman who said she was the manger there told me if I opened an account, I will receive double discount. 15% from her and 15% for opening the new account.The reps lie, put you on hold for excessive periods of time, hang up and just leave you on hold for ever.I have now CLOSED my account with Bloomingdales that I had for over 20 years as I have NEVER had to deal with such incompetence in customer service in ANY company.

This person to say the least would not be someone excelling in people skills.I call customer service and they are the most horrible CSR reps I have ever dealt with.What was surprising is that the item was still showing in the website as being available.

Shop mother of the bride dresses bloomingdales collection at You will find lots of mother of the bride dresses bloomingdales with fashion designs and.The helpline of Bloomingdales customer service phone number may or may not be toll free.I wish to be a customer service representative for Bloomindales Live Chat.

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However for the most important order in the lot all i received was an apology note saying we really tried to locate it but we could not find it.

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Well, tried to make a purchase on line tonight, and my card was DENIED AGAIN.It was nostalgic because my first bedroom suite was from Bloomingdale.

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You can also find other ways to contact customer support from our database, you can use other methods to contact via live chat, email address, web.I was informed that I could have use cash to immediately post it.She also had this other customer there that also told me she was trustworthy.

I had called the assistant manager at the SF store to explain what had happened and if he could look into it.Bloomindales Online - sent wrong item, twice, then had trouble getting refunded on credit card.This is not over yet, I am still trying to contact to deal with it.But the real problem was one question provided by public records dealt with one a my patient which a informed her which would have been a HIPPA violation.Looks like Bloomingdale is not ready for international service.For example, the most recent issue: I received notice a few days ago that a gift that an invitee purchased had been cancelled, no explanation, nor what they were doing with the money used to purchase the gift.I contacted customer service again and they put me on with a person to verify my ID with serveral questions.Offer excludes gift cards, furniture, mattresses, mirrors, lamps, wall art and Michael Aram 25th.

I got tired of calling and getting placed on hold for hours then hung up on.Poor Bloomingdales have let the poorly training rude people impact their reputation and service.Debit card Item not yet delivered Have not been receiving magazines or emails.Directory of phone number to find contact information of Bloomingdales Credit to get connected to customer service department on helpline 800-295-4057 of Bl.Their customer service changed over all the gift cards to hard cards after a huge hassle which I am not going to even mention.I placed a huge order of gifts with for xmas.They informed I had been verified and that in 24 hours I could make the purchase.One month later, I still did not receive the credit card and I found that my balance is still there.