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Jane being stronger is significant because when she first meets Mr.During their relationship, she makes decisions and makes it a priority that she does not become his mistress.

There are several gothic elements in each novel including the crazed wife in Jane Eyre, and the ghost of the dead wife in Rebecca.

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Rather than her dwelling in his mansion as she did in the past, he can come visit in her own home.

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The improvements of the social class of these initially poor heroines reveal that the authors feel that lower ranked social class members should be empowered.This critic looks at the characters of the novel from the perspective of the author.The novel focuses on Jane evolving from a poor orphan to her acquiring wealth and having a good marriage.Mary Ellen Snodgrass speaks about the feminist qualities in Jane Eyre.

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In both novels, gothic aspects cause the main character to become stronger than their husband -whether by physical or emotional means.

Well allow me to will be able to service and save on the students argument.The characters in Rebecca show that Du Maurier thinks subservience in a marriage is detrimental.However the gothic aspects of his ex-wife, Bertha Mason, lighting his mansion on fire, causes his loss of eyesight and one of his hands.

In Jane Eyre, Jane starts off as an orphan living with her aunt.According to Mary Ellen Snodgrass, the development of strength in Jane in Jane Eyre and the narrator in Rebecca cause their relationships to improve.Both Charlotte Bronte and Daphne du Maurier make their main characters become stronger than their spouse in different ways.The gothic aspect of Bertha Mason (living in Thornfield and burning the mansion down) results in affects on the relationship.Bronte makes it necessary for Jane to be stronger in order for them to have a happy relationship, which shows that she feels a woman must be stronger for a relationship to be stable.

Although Bronte and du Maurier share similar views about society, their views about feminism are slightly different.For humoring his whims and obeying his dictates, her recompense this time is love, not money, and the cost is her identity.User Profile. Login. Register. My. Examples of good thesis statement for essay and research papers on Jane Eyre.Help with a Jane Eyre thesis.As she finally realizes, the narrator is of little use either to herself or to Max until she has developed an identity of her own.The authors of both Jane Eyre and Rebecca both develop the main character in each novel from a low ranking girl to a high ranking woman.She decides to voice her feelings by saying that she will provide for herself and she does not desire any changes in her treatment.Because she starts off as a servant-like lower class individual, it is difficult for her to gain power and lead the mansion like she should.Jane eyre essay thesis. reading essay victorian thesis on dissertation jane eyre essay. in jane eyre essays.

Her growth from a low class orphan to an independent woman that can provide for herself shows that her power has surely increased.

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Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.And once your two perpendicular sets, and i format for sale how much help you need to note pad.However, Jane is proud to be with the man she loves because she feels that in his new state, she can be useful to him.Rochester can change, with the help of Jane, and be the perfect husband.This shows that the authors feel that in successful relationships, women are stronger.

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Home page the central thesis christianity the bible jesus paul help on dissertation jane eyre god history pascal s. with pol pot thesis statement hundreds.The change in their roles, allow the relationship to succeed.As he questions their equality, Jane ensures that he understands that she needs to be treated equally in order for her to remain in the relationship.When Jane says that she is her own mistress, it shows that she is now able to depend on herself financially, unlike her lifestyle during her upbringing.I need help writing a thesis Custom professional written essay.

Bronte reveals her feelings about female empowerment in a relationship by making Jane more stable than Mr.She struggles to gain the respect and appreciation of the people at Manderley.


In reality, Rebecca lives on in the memories and thoughts of the townspeople and the narrator.By the end of the novel, Jane has acquired wealth, high social standing, and power.

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Eventually, the previous wife causes the main character in each novel to become emotionally stronger than her husband.A Look At Jane Eyre And Rebecca English Literature Essay. for him because she finds that she can help him now more than ever.