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Reconstruction was the period directly after the end of the Civil War (1865-1877).

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Radicals proposed confiscating Confederate land, and distributing it to freed African Americans or poor whites.Lincoln meant the high probability of the abolition of slavery and Lincoln had started this policy since the beginning of his Presidency, as he took the office.Therefore, Johnson chose the first option and allowed the South within the Union, but left the second option basically for people to figure out which was not a success.

In fact, the Civil War had disastrous effects which had affected the development of Southern states of the US for a long time (Epperson 211).African Americans had equal rights and liberties just like other citizens of the US but they did not have economic opportunities to enhance their position in the society.Free essay on Reconstruction in the South Civil War Aftermath available totally free at, the largest free essay community.The Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln in 1863 guaranteed the liberation of all slaves in rebellious states.

In 1865, at the end of the Civil War, the South was destroyed.It basically gave freedman the rights of a white, including voting.Freedom is a concept for which many people have struggled and millions have been.Read Reconstruction free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.

As the country grew, the government had to be molded to incorporate new problems, lands, citizens, etc., and the each parties views and ideals changed in accordance to this. (Document G).Outline for History Test Essays Reconstruction Plans During the Civil War as Confederate states began falling to the Union army congress didn t know what.In such a way, they gained the support of slaves, who were eager to set themselves free.

Everything he did was in the best interest in preserving this nation to what it is today.At the same time, the American Civil War and Reconstruction had achieved successfully another goal, which was not declared openly.The website is owned and operated by Global Soft Group Corp, BVI.

In Reconstruction era, the three goals emerged from the federal government.The North was upset at the losses suffered in putting down an illegal insurrection and the South was angry at not being able to break away from what they felt was the oppressive government in Washington (Baldwin and Kelley 206).

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If President Lincoln task of preserving the union would have failed, our nation would be a split nation today.

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The legacy of Reconstruction is good, as goals to reunify South and North were achieved.Essay on onam in hindi language george orwell a collection of essays by george list of psychology term paper topics example essay using chicago style citations beauty.By 1866, several distinct positions on Reconstruction emerged.

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With catchy beginnings student seems to understand a particular question or have not answered.The mess that was the south, left in the ruins of a bloody war, called for drastic.

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In such a situation, the abolition of slavery would undermine the Southern economy Furthermore, the growing disparity between industrialized North and Agricultural South misbalanced the power of Northern and Southern states.