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Gene therapy is a technique used for the treatment of genetic disorders.However, if the DNA is damaged or altered, necessary proteins may not be made which would result in abnormal genes that have the possibility of causing diseases.

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An important element, actually one of the most important elements is the identification and cloning of the gene or genes related to the disease, which is going to be maintained or treated by gene therapy.

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The cell continuously reads and interprets instructions to carry out its functions.Gene therapy is the process of replacing defective genes in a cell with healthy ones.This is the type of gene therapy that is currently being intensely studied in laboratories throughout the world.To reverse diseases caused by genetic damage or altering, several approaches are used by researchers in correcting abnormal genes in an individual.

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Gene Therapy Analysis Essays: Over 180,000 Gene Therapy Analysis Essays, Gene Therapy Analysis Term Papers, Gene Therapy Analysis Research Paper, Book Reports. 184.The result is called a recombinant DNA (rDNA) and the process is known as genetic engineering (Hunt, 2002).The idea of cloning an entire human is very different from gene therapy.

We currently group types of gene therapy by the nature of the cells which are affected and the goal of the therapy.The invention provides compositions and methods for the production of achromosomal and anucleate cells useful for applications such as diagnositic and therapeutic.Currently, modified viruses, liposomes and bacteria are being employed as vectors for gene transfer with viruses being by far the most commonly used (Bonn, 1996).Among the first in that list were sickle-cell anemia, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, familial hypercholesterolemia (high serum cholesterol), and some cancers (melanoma, neuroblastoma, and brain tumors).

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Introduction Gene therapy has the potential to revolutionize modern medicine.These healthy genes that are inserted should not be accepted into other cells in the body.There are several researches going on in the field of genetics to understand and manipulate our genes in order to improve health conditions.The first step in gene therapy is an accurate diagnosis of the genetic defect.

This brief history provides some highlights in the progress in the area of gene therapy.Gene therapy is a rapidly growing and promising field of medical research that involves the use of genes as medicine to fight against diseases and also prevent the development of diseases.Genes that are flawed and do not work properly can cause disease.Gene therapy is the most promising yet possibly detrimental medical field being studied.Gene Therapy Gene Therapy is the insertion of a gene or genes into cells in order to.

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First, it may cause angiogenesis, which may trigger nonfunctional vessels or stimulation of angiogenesis in tumors. (Safety Issues with Gene Therapy) Second, gene therapy often uses viral vectors to carry the correct

Somatic gene therapy is incredibly promising and despite being extremely costly, has the possibility to save thousands upon thousands of lives.This essay should 1) discuss the technical aspects of one of the two topics in general terms.The research articles previously mentioned can collectively provide conclusive proof that gene therapy is not only feasible but necessary for the.Somatic gene therapy involves the manipulation of genes in cells that will be corrective to the patient but not inherited to the next generation.

The idea was to take out the disease-causing gene and surgically implant a gene that functioned properly.

Gene therapy has the potential to revolutionize modern medicine.

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Genes are elements of hereditary elements that a transferred from parents to offspring during reproduction and determine the inherited traits of the offspring (Romanuik, 2004).According to Craig Donegan, there are three basic methods of delivery: the ex vivo method transfers DNA to cells extracted from the patient and reinjects those cells, the in vivo method injects vectors into the bloodstream to seek and bind targeted cells, and the in situ method injects vectors directly into the affected tissue (1995).This therapy targets the blood cells because many genetic defects alter the functioning of one type of these cells or another.

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Although sound in theory, scientists, then and now, lack the biological knowledge or technical expertise needed to perform such a precise surgery in the human body (Hunt, 2002).The methods that transfer the new DNA to a defective cell are referred to as vectors.

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