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Bon in turn was named either after his wife Bonnie, or (according to an encyclopedia quotation in its manual), after a religion whose rituals involve the murmuring of magic formulas.The unit of measure where the beats on the lines of the staff are divided up into two, three, four beats to a measure.Thus a byte was assumed to have a length appropriate for the occasion.Business terms Terms related to business, including definitions about project management and words and phrases about human resources, finance and vertical industries.

Elaborate polyphonic composition of the Boroque and Renaissance periods.It contains alphabetical lists of literary terms, the vocabulary of literature, the terminology of grammar, and entries on the history of the English language.Acronym for What You See Is What You Get, the phrase was originated by a newsletter published by Arlene and Jose Ramos, called WYSIWYG.Combination of two or more keys being played at the same time.As you find sources on your topic, notice the terms in the source title and the abstract, its assigned subject and descriptor terms - add them to your key words list.You can always add more search terms Full transcript More presentations by.Last, list all of the key terms for each concept in your topic.It was named after swing, a style of dance band jazz that was popularized in the 1930s and unexpectedly revived in the 1990s.

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Atonal and violent style used as a means of evoking heightened emotions and states of mind.A combination of two or more staves on which all the notes are vertically aligned and performed simultaneously in differing registers and instruments.WYSIWYG - describes a system in which content during editing appears very similar to the final product.Selecting the right keyword list for your campaign can help you show your ads to the right customers.This glossary provides definitions of many of the terms used in the guides to conducting qualitative and quantitative research.

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A lighthearted piece, written in several movements, usually as background music for a social function.When one used to select preset stations on a radio receiver physically instead of electronically, depressing one preset button would pop out whichever other button happened to be pushed in.

Eight full tones above the key note where the scale begins and ends.Rapid alternation between notes that are a half tone or whole tone apart.

The word was originally invented by Milton Sirotta, nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner, in 1938 during a discussion of large numbers and exponential notation.They needed an OS to run the game Space Travel, which had been compiled under MULTICS.The players cause vibrations by blowing through it in order to produce sound.Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.The first case of an actual computer bug, a moth trapped in a relay of the Harvard Mark II.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.However, there are other terms with less obvious origins, which are of etymological interest.

Its first use was in the context of the input-output equipment of the 1950s, which handled six bits at a time.Kapor used to be a teacher of Transcendental Meditation technique as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.Having decided what to include in the answer, there is another way to make sure the answer is focused: telling the reader what we are talking about.The airport counter agent directed him to take the wiki wiki bus between terminals.X Window System — a windowing system for computers with bitmap displays.Larry Ellison, Ed Oates and Bob Miner were working on a consulting project for the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ).

Gopher — an early distributed document search and retrieval network protocol on the Internet.Many people mistakenly think that Java is an acronym and spell it JAVA.His friend Ari Lemmke encouraged Linus to upload it to a network so it could be easily downloaded.

It was created for the emerging Pre-Press industry going electronic in the late 1970s.A short piano piece, often improvisational and intimate in character.A repeating phrase that is played at the end of each verse in the song.JavaScript was first introduced and deployed in the Netscape browser version 2.0B3 in December 1995.Virus — a piece of program code that spreads by making copies of itself.

The project eventually was terminated but they decided to finish what they started and bring it to the world.Each project, bucket, and object in Google Cloud Platform is a resource, as are things such as Google Compute Engine instances.Curved line connecting notes to be sung or played as a phrase.This is a list of the origins of computer-related terms or terms used in the computing world (i.e., a list of computer term etymologies ).Refers to any great composer, conductor, or teacher of music.The frequency of a note determining how high or low it sounds.

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Music written for a lively French dance for two performers written in triple time.A set of six musicians who perform a composition written for six parts.

A musical form where the melody or tune is imitated by individual parts at regular intervals.The tonal characteristics determined by the relationship of the notes to the tone.The technique of altering the tone color of a single note or musical line by changing from one instrument to another in the middle of a note or line.Wiki or WikiWiki — a hypertext document collection or the collaborative software used to create it.The possibility of going to 8 bit bytes was considered in August 1956 and incorporated in the design of Stretch shortly thereafter.

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A symbol used in musical notation indicating to gradually quicken tempo.As the programmers drank a lot of coffee, this seemed an appropriate name.

Voice refers to instrumental parts as well as the singing voice.Society Effect(s) Video Games Video Games Video Games Effect(S) Society (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Concept Map table Key Terms:.The individual parts may enter at different measures and pitches.