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The Association of American Universities is an association of leading comprehensive research universities distinguished by the breadth and quality of their programs of research and graduate education.Hubball, H.T. (2016). Kathmandu University Strategic Plan (2015-19): Developing Institutional Leadership for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership.Hubball, H.T. (2006). Mixed-mode Faculty Certificate Programs and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): A Canadian Perspective.The AAU presidents and chancellors have adopted the following set of membership indicators to use in assessments of current and potential new members.Invited presentation to provide campus-wide seminar presentation, Stellenbosch University (including delegates from UWC) Cape Town, South Africa, November.Hubball, H.T. (2016). American University of Sharjah Strategic Plan: Implications for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership.The association maintains a standing Membership Committee, which periodically evaluates both non-member universities for possible membership and current members for continued membership, with the goal of ensuring that the association in fact comprises comparable leading research-intensive universities.

Hubball, H.T. (2017). Fiji Technical Colleges Strategic Plan: Developing Institutional Leadership for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership.Hubball, H.T. (2016). Qatar University Strategic Plan (2013-16): The Scholarship of Undergraduate Program Reform.Hubball, H.T. (2016). Developing Institutional Leadership: Strategic Approaches to the Scholarship of Educational Leadership Within and Across the Disciplines in Diverse University Contexts.The supposed conflict between research intensity and increased student access serves the branding needs of our elite universities, but not the social and economic.Some small universities rank higher than much larger research-intensive schools.

UBC Certification based on successful completion of a graduation SoEL ePortfolio and external review.

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Invited presentation to provide campus-wide seminar presentation, The College of Law, NSW, December.

Both the Phase I and Phase II indicators constitute the first stage of membership assessment.Competitively funded federal research support: The Membership Committee uses National Science Foundation (NSF) research expenditure data, excluding formula-allocated USDA research expenditures and American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) expenditures.

Developing Research-Intensive Universities 137 b2322 Th e Singapore Research Story public agencies.Hubball, H.T. (2015). Developing Institutional-level Leadership: Assessing the Scholarship of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Practice.International Journal for University Teaching and Faculty Development. 3 (2).Campus-wide presentation, Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice, University of Aston, Birmingham, (UK).Indiana University expenditures include data from Indiana University, Purdue University in Indianapolis (UIPUI).Strategic Leadership Development in Research-Intensive Higher Education Contexts: The Scholarship of Educational Leadership. In P. Tripathi and S.

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The only investigators who do not receive rejections are those who do not submit proposals.Previous years also included data for Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Newberry Library Fellowship, Studies at Athens Award, and Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award.

In those instances in which there appears to be a significant and sustained disparity between the mission or accomplishments of a member institution and that of other members of the association, or that of non-members deemed deserving of membership, an in-depth review of that institution will be initiated by the Membership Committee.The development and application of new knowledge plays an essential role at research-intensive universities, enhancing both learning and teaching.

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Hubball, H.T, and Albon, S. (2004). The scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the UBC Faculty Certificate Program on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.Hubball, H.T. (2013). Developing Institutional SoTL Leadership: Curriculum Renewal and Pedagogical Leadership Within and Across the Disciplines in a Research-intensive University.Invited Presentation and Meetings with Senior Administration, Academic Leaders, and Staff.

The primary purpose of AAU should be to provide a forum for the development and implementation of institutional and national policies promoting strong programs of academic research and scholarship and undergraduate, graduate, and professional education.Clarke, A., and Hubball, H.T. (2001). Physical Education Methods Course as an Immersion Experience in an Elementary Setting.Assuming you have successfully navigated the tenure process and received promotion to Associate Professor with tenure, you have a level of job security that has disappeared from most other careers.

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Hubball, H.T. (2013). Developing Institutional SoTL Leadership: Curriculum Renewal and Pedagogical Leadership Within and Across the Disciplines.You will probably have negotiated a start-up package that provides substantial financial support to set up your laboratory, making it your first task to equip your lab and start producing results.European researchers spin off sister marches for science in at least eight countries.Campus-wide presentation for National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, February.Invited Campus-wide Presentation by The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, University of Hawaii, UHM, February.AFRI Obligations, data for the three years that match the years from HERD.