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Road accidents Essay. Road accident is increasingly becoming a major killer. patience in traffic plays the major role in preventing road accidents in traffic.This device is connected to an external computer and all the data that is captured from it, is transferred to the computer in order to produce a map of the surveyed area through the software.

Talking to each other or driving with one hand on starring causes lack of control on vehicle and ultimately causes accidents.A digital photogrammetric system can be defined as hardware and software device that produces photographs from digital imagery by using manual or automatic methods.On the other hand, the Total Station device has some drawbacks such as when the line of the sight is affected from a reflective point the data collection could be erroneous.The photogrammetric instrument (Appendix) that is famous and is being used not only from amateurs users, but also from professionals, is the 35mm device.The laser is being reflected off by any surface and returns back to the instrument, therefore the scanner saves thousands of points per second, which permits a gigantic amount of data to be collected in just a few moments.Mostly, Total Station is based on trigonometry and the actual positions X, Y and Z from the control point (Collins 1972).Edwin Sewell was driving negligently and after he lost the control of his car and crashed, he and his passenger died from head injuries.Collision investigators treat the scene of a road accident in the same way as other serious crimes.

Even though, patience in traffic plays the major role in preventing road accidents in traffic,.Traffic police also should equally implement the law among the powerful.All of this means that around 24,960 of deaths on American roads may have been avoided if people were more conscientious about how they drive their vehicles on the road.

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Traffic Accidents. accidents occurring in the process of the traffic of motor and tractor transport and other self-propelled vehicles entailing the death or injury.Otte et al 1 Accident Causation Factor Analysis of Traffic Accidents on the Example of Elderly Car Drivers using the Causation Analysis Tool ACAS.Over 22% of vehicles are driven off the road prior to them crashing.Similarly if you are driving a car or any vehicle and while driving you see anything of your interest or maybe anything strange that catches your attention in your surroundings, this may take your focus out of driving and may lead to any accident.It is mainly completed from a high definition camera, a laser security system, a target projector, a laboratory calibration and a stand.Moreover, the time of the day can affect the collection of the data of a survey, because the Total Station cannot be elaborated at night time (Whyte and Paul, 1982).

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The 3-D value is being provided to the user when the distances and the vertical and horizontal angles are measured and throughout a computer the user can see the results as they are being downloaded immediately (Rw, 2002).

Check out our top Free Essays on Traffic Awareness to help you write your own Essay.First of all it is very expensive to buy and use and in order to survey and map one scene such as road accident, it is better to do it with a regular product that provides almost the same results as the 3-D Laser Scanner.Total Station is basically a telescope with a cross in the middle, to mark the target.In a few words, Collision Investigators examine an accident only if it is complicated, such as pile ups accidents or if the evidence of the scene is not comprehensible to sort out the collision.The USA yearly death count due to vehicle accidents is rarely under 32,000.This is when the driver loses his attention again causing a road accident.Over 36% of pre-crash conditions include vehicles turning at intersections.The average attendances and surveys of the Warwickshire CIU to road accidents are approximately 150 investigations per year.

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After the collection of evidence from the accident scene, the vehicles are moved away by a towing vehicle, but the work of the Collision Investigators is not over yet.When the Paramedics have done their best and collected the wounded people from the accident, the CIU has a clear runway to do its best too.While a collision happens, onlookers think that the collision has been covered and the job of the CIUs, Paramedics and Fire Brigade is done by the time the crashed vehicles are collected by a towing vehicle.At that time people break traffic signals quite often and this leads to severe accidents.Via the statistics, people drive more safely every year (Clarke et. al., 2005).

Abu Dhabi is a modern city but also has a modern problem: traffic jams.This free Sociology essay on Essay: Traffic accidents is perfect for Sociology students to use as an example.Companies for example Canon, Fuji and Nikon are operating the production of these devices and their objective is to make the newer product better that the last, so cameras are developed step by step.

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According to statistics of the Department For Transport (DFT), drivers in Britain are driving more safely year on year, because fatal accidents keep dropping year on year.

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I studied education and currently work as a tutor for school-age children.The Total Station (Appendix) is a device that is used in recent surveying and provides measuring distances and angles without using a tape measurement.Talk about an accident I have witnessed. I witnessed an accident which I shall never forget.

If people were more careful at intersections, then they would be safer on the roads.

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As much evidence as possible has to be collected from the collision scene, such as photographs, detailed diagrams, tyre marks and fixtures, in order to establish the cause of the accident and bring the investigation to an agreeable termination (Melling, 2007).

Traffic accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including equipment malfunction as well as the actions of the driver, such as speeding or aggressive behaviors.Problem Solution Essay: Preventing Car Accidents Monivong Boulevard Nowadays traffic accidents in Cambodia become a worse proble.

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Even if you think you are going to hit a deer, or if another car is driving into oncoming traffic, you should not drive off the road.As it was mentioned before, by the year 1992 CIUs have improved the procedure of surveying the road accident by engaging surveying equipment in their work and throughout this decision the examination of the accident is not only quicker than it was, but also it is more accurate and reliable.

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In the early mornings, and again in the evening, around 8 pm, the streets are crowded with.The Unit also, takes photographs of the tyre marks and if it is necessary, overview pictures captured from a helicopter to be kept in the record of the accident.Common Causes of Car Accidents. According to studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety. between safely avoiding a road hazard and causing an accident.

Year on year, the work of the CIUs is becoming less and less.The second disadvantage is that the user needs many hours of training to learn how to use it properly (Schmiedl, 2007).