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If it does not reach the central nervous system then the patient will only have abortive poliomyelitis.The other added toxic material was used to stimulate better vaccine response, prevent growth of inactivated virus, and also act as a stabilizer.The grey matter has a butterfly-like shape with two protrusions: the dorsal (or posterior) horn, which contains neurons responsible for sensory perception, and the ventral (or anterior) horn, which contains neurons responsible for muscle control.Vaccine is one of the greatest achievement in medicine history.A majority of the population receive their vaccinations, but it is the 8.2% that refused and the 5.8% that delayed and refused, that need to be educated more about vaccines saving millions of lives (Smith et al.). There are many pros and cons to vaccinations that are equally significant.Spinal polio is the most common form of paralytic infection caused by the polio virus.

This process requires a reallocation of resources away from the high profile but ultimately barren pulse polio initiative into revitalising the public health services of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.Polio after being digested, heads for the cells covering the intestines.Therefore, in this paper, written CF will be defined as corrections on linguistic errors.Pathogenesis of Polio Polio infects the spinal cord gray mater.

Today, vivisection, the use of animals for scientific purposes, helps and hinders medical research and development.By 1910, Polio cases became rampant and the epidemics were recurring especially in the cities during the summer months.

In the summer of 1916 the great polio epidemic struck the United states.Gavin broke tanning nobodies that frays tumultuously. flimsiest and sartre existentialism essay.

The incubation period of this virus ranges from three to 35 days, with a common span of six to 20 days.Causative agents Polio (also called poliomyelitis) is a highly contagious disease that is caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system.

There was manpower shortage in form of volunteers from community were responsible for lower coverage at booths in many places.Prior to the development of vaccines, diseases were a great concern to the people due to their wide and rapid spreading.Maximum cases were reported from Uttar Pradesh and the muslim community had the maximum cases.

Frighteningly, the bacteria that cause all of these serious conditions are still around today.Therefore in addition to the booth immunization, strategy was adopted to reach every child.The polio virus has the motive of making it to the central nervous system to destroy the cells of the brain stem and neurons.I went to see one family about 4 p.m. Friday. The baby was not well and the doctor was coming.Free essay on Lifecycle of the Polio Virus available totally free at, the largest free essay community.

You would feel just terrible watching them suffer, trying to fight in order to hang on.The disease burden of polio is huge in most countries without the help of organizations like centre for disease control and prevention an American health organization based in Atlanta.Polio attacks the nerve cells and sometimes the central nervous system, causing muscle wasting, paralysis, and even death.The details of the programme and history are also explained for a better understanding.It is nearly impossible to eradicate diseases such as measles and polio.Virus interrupts muscle signals, causing muscles to grow slack and weak and leads to paralyzing the person.Patriotic loyalty and conformity demonstrated an allegiance to our country.

Citizens who spoke out against US government policies experienced surveillance, being black listed, and labeled communists.

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The vaccinations against polio had been effectively developed in 1950, and had continued working.Therefore, there are many pros and cons to animals testing for scientific research.Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in New York near the village of Hyde Park.