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Time is the most precious thing in the world, for once lost.How to Save Money Essay.keep this one simple and clean - just a bunch of relatively easy ways to save money.Writing of business plans, proposals, reports and articles or blog.It involves the act of an employee stealing company funds from their employers.

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When we lost our satisfaction, it means we lost our happiness and this is exactly what our possessions do.

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Last year, Vodafone granted share options to more than 42000 employees around the world.

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So without exception all people are trying to have more possessions to be satisfied by being able to buy what they need.There is no question that we live in a very materialistic world today.

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In defining the word money on the other hand, we look beyond the general concept of money only being notes and coins, seeing that we believe money in the circumstances of the workplace can exist in various forms.

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Most commonly, happiness is known as a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.In the primitive-society human needs were simple and limited.

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Significant past events have also occurred motivated by money.Money is the reason behind the choice made by countless men and women today to farewell their love ones and colleagues to seek better paid job opportunities overseas.This is the point of collapsing real happiness, because when the passion of money comes to a person, he starts to abandon his family.

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