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With the first round application deadline rapidly approaching, Stacey-Ann was highly responsive and made sure I was on track to submit a polished, well-framed application.I will also keep every version of the essay edits because I found the whole experience refreshing and it fine-tuned my ability to deliver a good message.So if you are reading my post as I was reading the posts of others before me about 6 months ago, let me outline what I believe are a couple items that might persuade or dissuade you from using a consultant, I ultimately did choose MBA Exchange.He worked with me on my essay in providing feedback and updating version during the week leading up to the submission deadline.Clients say that the conversation and the outline give them the direction they need to write, save time, and ultimately help them produce a superior final result.That depends on the number of drafts as well as the quality of your writing.My lead consultant (Maria) was extremely professional and efficient.Please please be realistic and evaluate your profile before you hire these guys.

Once the application was in, I ran through a mock interview with her that was extremely helpful, and she offered to conduct more mocks if I was interested.But i would say they offered me critical advices at critical junctures and gave me emotional support throughout a stressful process.Soon after signing the contract, I was introduced to a very smart, competent and friendly consultant named Stacey-Ann.He also recommended very specific steps to address my deficiencies with extra online coursework, or prepare to discuss them in essays and interviews.I went with MBA Exchange and under three weeks, including the holidays, was able to get everything done (4 applications) and was extremely happy with the outcome and process.There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would not have gotten into the schools that I did with out his guidance.

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I truly appreciate the time and dedication that my consultant (Jon H.) demonstrated this past year.A friend of mine had used the MBAExchange and recommended them highly (he went to UCLA), so I wrote the large checks and started with Liz Bender at MBA Exchange.

I decided I wanted a paid consultant, someone I could jump straight in and start discussing my stories with, someone who was always available and would push me to do more and better.I settled on MBA Exchange because of the instant working chemistry I had with Ben, as well as his openness to put.She had previously worked in admissions at Wharton, which was my top target school.They were extremely responsive and helped answer all of my questions in a very timely manner.To sum up, although Admissionado is a lot more expensive than regional consultants, my experience was extremely positive, and I would strongly recommend it for Latin American prospective MBA students.

She always replied to my queries in more than 24 hours even in holidays.Founded by Harvard MBA Dan Bauer in 1996, The MBA Exchange says it has helped more than 2,300 applicants unlock the doors to get into prestige business schools.MBA Exchange had helped one of my friends to get into a top school and had helped him accomplish the entire application process in less than 3 months.I would put my money (and MBA future) on a real firm with a real track record.

From the beginning, I appreciated their thorough approach to matching you with the right consultant, although I knew from word of mouth from a friend that I wanted Elliot to be my consultant from the get go.

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Founded in 1994 by Linda Abraham, the firm has worked with more than 3,500 applicants to business, law, medical and other graduate programs.However I decided to apply anyways and in fact used another consultant who claimed to be past director and that I should be fine with my score but I did not get a single interview forget admit.

I decided to give Admissionado a try after reading its great reviews online.I distinctly recall one consultant who was super discouraging about my application saying that as an international, early 30s, female applicant, I should reconsider b-school given the low hiring chances post-term for H-1B.I genuinely believe that if I was way off naive and misguided, using a consultant would be my first line of defense against wasting valuable time and effort-my MBA experience would end right there.

I shelled out a lot of money recently with Sean and Stratus Prep with little results.Jessica helped him to prepare for Kellogg, Northwestern last year.About me: 34 years old, 690 GMAT, international career and quite poor GPA.MBA Admissions Consulting is the counseling service offered to MBA applicants to improve their chances of getting admission to their desired Business Schools.Founded in 2001 by Kellogg MBA Stacy Blackman, this firm is among the largest in the business, with 30 consultants.Then, you can make an informed and confident decision based on facts rather than speculation.We took an uphill task of 6 schools in 2 months, but each time that I felt overwhelmed, she provided me the comfort and confidence that we would achieve our identified goals.She made sure that I did not digress and stayed my course.What MBA Admission Consultants Charge. by: John A. and many other schools have also made it easier to apply to their MBA programs by eliminating essays and word.

Everyone wants the fee paid before the service being delivered.Overall, my experience was very positive and I highly recommend MBA Exchange.

I certainly think this largely depends on individuals not the consultant firm.My uphill battle was compounded by two layoffs within the past five years and subsequent difficulty in maintaining a track record of increasing stature and responsibility in my work positions.Mba consulting - Allow the professionals to do your homework for you.I am extremely pleased with the service I received from The MBA Exchange.Probably worth doing a section on the best boutiques (some pretty exclusive coverage on Sandy, which is understandable), but it would include folks like Jon Frank from Precision Essay, Alex Chu from MBAApply, and Avi Gordon from MBA Studio.

For interview preparation, she moved me from feeling moderately nervous and unsure to feeling extremely confident and prepared.We can purchase soup-to-nuts consulting advice and digital content, and leadership skills you thinking of mba schools. Best mba. Why mba essays,.Also, if possible, you should consider requesting to work with Liz Bender specifically.Learn how our professional MBA essay consulting will help your application stand out and help you to gain that place.And the only way they are going to do that is to keep an open mind.To reiterate, they were fast to respond, they worked closely with me based on my own specific background and application (not just generic essay advice), and worked with me late into several nights fine tuning my update to the school.

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She checked on me every day not just to see how my application process was going, but making sure that I was feeling good about how it was coming along.Jon and the founder of The MBA exchange both contributed to my American dream and help me reach this transformational experience that I was looking for.

He was replying to my emails and sending me his notes almost always within 24 hours despite the amount of work.MBA Exchange is very professional, always responsive and experts in what they do.MBA programs require students to compose various complex essays, for instance from term papers and when preparing a dissertation.MBA essay consulting services are many online, but not every consulting is appropriate for your requirement too.I would highly recommend Maria Spaulding to anyone that is serious about engaging an MBA Admissions Consultant.